Bridging Divides Initiative

Bridging Divides Initiative

BDI is a non-partisan research initiative that tracks and mitigates political violence in the United States.

About our work

We're committed to a future where communities are:

  • prepared to respond in periods of risk

  • empowered to address the long-term divides we face as a society

  • supported to build a pluralistic, multi-racial democracy

Delivering Action-Oriented Research

We provide actionable data and analysis to fill information gaps, establish shared structures for early warning, and empower people working to mitigate political violence in their communities.

Our data + analysis

Creating Space for Cross-Sector Collaboration

We deliver concierge services across the risk mitigation ecosystem, bringing together a diverse network of partners to foster improved coordination for crisis response.

Our Collaboration efforts

Building Frameworks for Effective Policy Response

We equip local, state, and national decision-makers with the tools they need to take action against political violence and implement whole-of-society policy solutions.

Our Policy Projects

Featured Resources

Understanding Threats and Harassment Against Local Officials

Get data and analysis from our first-of-its-kind research project tracking levels of hostility faced by local officials around the country.

Elevating De-Escalation and Community Safety Approaches

Explore our state-by-state directory of de-escalation, bystander intervention, and community safety resources and trainings.

BDI In the News

BDI is a go-to resource for national and local media reporting on political violence, crisis response, and de-escalation efforts around the United States. Take a look at the latest coverage featuring our work.

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