Quick Guide on How to Access and Utilize BDI Data

This guide will help you access or request data on recent events in your community to use as a starting place or one component of:

  • ‘Actor’ or ‘conflict’ analysis within your community, when paired with your own knowledge and local sources
  • Pre-election planning around potential contention: 
    • Together with available guides with available guides from other organizations 
    • Together with your own local community discussions 
  • Connecting to active organizations in your community working on your issues of interest


What types of data and information are available via BDI?

  • Event data on recent peaceful demonstrations and political violence, provided in partnership ACLED – this data updates every Tuesday evening
  • Details and contact information for civil society organizations and mediators, via BDI’s efforts to build a Bridging Divides Map starting from 4 broad national networks (see our FAQ on how to join!) 
  • Other historical data at a county level or state level that may be helpful in thinking about your community’s past or experience compared to surrounding areas (See Step 5 for more)



For the full guide, download the PDF here.