Understanding Threats and Harassment Against Local Officials

Data and analysis from our first-of-its-kind research project tracking hostile incidents targeting officials nationwide.

Threats and harassment against local officials endanger their safety, impede their ability to discharge the duties of their office, and undermine democratic governance. To fill the gap in reliable information on emerging trends in hostility targeting local officials, BDI has brought together a consortium from across the ecosystem to launch a first-of-its kind research project to systematically track this activity nationwide. Employing a unique mixed methods and participatory approach that incorporates in-depth interviews, representative surveys, and a longitudinal event dataset, the Understanding Threats and Harassment (UTH) project provides an empirical foundation to understand and respond to the threat and harassment landscape in America.

A Mixed Methods Approach

Interview Program

Reports presenting key findings from our in-depth interviews with local elected officials.

Survey Research

Analysis of data from our quarterly representative surveys of local elected officials around the country.

Threats and Harassment Dataset

Updates from our national event-level threat and harassment dataset.

UTH Consortium

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