Our Strategic Plan

BDI envisions a future where thriving communities are prepared to respond in periods of risk, are empowered to address the long-term divides we face as a society, and are supported to build a pluralistic, multi-racial democracy.

A year before the 2020 election, with warning signs rising and clear gaps in real-time data, BDI’s founding co-directors drew on decades of experience in international crises to advocate for urgent action to address political violence. The United States needed immediate support to build an early warning system capable of producing timely national data, translated and delivered through trusted analysis, to galvanize the efforts necessary to protect our communities and our democracy. 

BDI was established to meet these challenges.

Since our founding in 2019, the need for BDI’s work has only increased, and we’ve enhanced and refined our knowledge, methods, and tools to better track and mitigate political violence across the country. Now, we’ve synthesized these learnings into a powerful vision for how we can deliver the action-oriented research, cross-sector collaboration, and policy frameworks required to safeguard our communities through the 2024 election cycle and into the future.

Our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan explains our approach to achieving this vision over these pivotal three years, including by sustaining cornerstone programming, streamlining and expanding key activities, and kick-starting innovative new projects.

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Support Our Mission

BDI’s work is impossible without your support. Over the next three years, we will pursue core and long-term funding opportunities that enable us to both prepare for and respond to periods of high risk such as elections, while also strengthening positive counterforces to political violence that enable prevention over an extended time horizon. For a more detailed budget breakdown corresponding to key priorities, please contact us at [email protected].