Creating Space for Cross-Sector Collaboration

BDI delivers a concierge service that builds connections across the pro-democracy ecosystem.

Leveraging our unique cross-sectoral and multi-level implementation approach, we help our partner networks increase their awareness and understanding of other mission-aligned organizations, develop shared frameworks to address key issues that impact all groups working to mitigate political violence, and foster improved coordination before, during, and after moments of crisis.

Key Projects

Concierge Support to State-Level Violence Mitigation

The BDI State Lead team provides specialized, real-time monitoring and concierge support for the mitigation ecosystem in high-risk states.

Convening Within and Between Sectors

Learn how we create space for cross-sector coordination and collaboration to mitigate the risk violence around the country.

Facilitating Early Action and Response

Find more information about our work to connect community leaders with support to develop rapid response capacity ahead of emerging threats.

Let’s Work Together

We partner with the media, public officials, community groups, and other mission-aligned organizations at the national, state, and local level. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to track and mitigate violence.