Concierge Support to State-Level Violence Mitigation

BDI State Leads provide real-time monitoring and concierge support for the mitigation ecosystem in high-risk states.

BDI's State Lead team offers real-time monitoring and analysis of political violence risk, including tailored briefings for a range of stakeholders, rapid response memos, and additional concierge support to translate insights into action. Individual State Leads serve as conduits to and from state and local groups to national networks, resources, and training. By focusing on the unique needs of each state, our State Leads are able to provide specialized, locally informed assistance to partners and regularly host state-wide coordination tables on monitoring and analysis. 

Watch for Expanded Coverage

In the coming months, we will launch expanded State Lead programming and are currently conducting scoping for further expansions to states where we have received a high volume of requests. To support these expansions, please contact us at [email protected].

Looking to connect with the BDI State Leads in your state? Get in touch to learn more.

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