Facilitating Early Action and Response

We connect communities with tools, training, and advisory support to anticipate rapid response needs and build capacity.

Truly reducing harm and mitigating violence requires frameworks for early action. As a core complement to our Structures for Early Warning project, BDI also facilitates proactive alerts and strategic advising to support in-the-moment response to political violence. Through both our national and state teams, BDI directly connects front-line communities with training, provides verified resources and tools fit for a range of contexts, and advises decision-makers on rapid response needs surfaced directly through our work.

In six high-risk states, BDI State Leads provide even deeper concierge support for early action and response. Learn more >

Related Projects

Building and Modeling Structures for Early Warning

Learn more about our real-time system for identifying emerging threats and providing situational awareness for community response.

Community Response Case Studies

BDI conducts interview research in communities around the country to better understand the local realities of political violence in the United States and highlight positive responses.

Concierge Support to State-Level Violence Mitigation

The BDI State Lead team provides specialized, real-time monitoring and concierge support for the mitigation ecosystem in high-risk states.

Elevating De-Escalation and Community Safety Approaches

Explore our state-by-state directory of de-escalation, bystander intervention, and community safety resources and trainings.

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