De-escalation Resources

De-escalation, bystander,
and community safety
training and resources

BDI has created a state-by-state directory of local and national trainings. The tools and strategies that the trainings provide can help communities, local leaders, election officials, poll workers, and individuals take concrete steps to prepare for elections, public meetings, and demonstrations, especially when there is a heightened risk of political violence.

Directory of Trainings Designed for Your State

The state-by-state directory provides information on organizations regularly providing de-escalation bystander intervention, and conflict resolution trainings, in addition to organizations providing virtual or nation-wide trainings.

One-page Resources Designed for Your Role

Elected Officials

This guide supports elected leaders to recognize and de-escalate conflicts in preparation for potentially contentious public meetings.

Community Members and Volunteers

This guide supports volunteers and community members to consider strategies to prepare, recognize, and de-escalate conflicts, in preparation for potentially contentious meetings.

Poll Workers

This guide supports poll workers in the key role they play in preventing, mitigating, and de-escalating potential tensions during the voting process.

Law Enforcement

This guide was developed as a resource for volunteers and elected leaders looking to engage law enforcement on the role they may play helping to de-escalate tensions at public meetings.

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The de-escalation guides were created in collaboration with

Additionally, the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) provided support in contacting mediation centers that provide training. BDI is an institutional member of NAFCM.