Rapid Response Memo: Select Offline Events in the US Related to Israel-Palestine Conflict

Last updated on November 16, 2023

This is a running list of select offline events in the United States related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The list focuses on:

  • Attacks, such as street assaults targeting Jewish, Muslim, Israeli, or Palestinian individuals; or car rammings;
  • Vandalism and propaganda, such as hate-filled flyering or banner drops;
  • Violent counter-demonstrations, such as fights or attacks that occur at protests;
  • Direct threats, such as security incidents at non-profit offices, threats to target specific populations or neighborhoods, or bomb threats of synagogues; and
  • Other offline violence, such as harassment at local councils. 

All events are organized thematically across these categories below. In cases where an event could be categorized across multiple categories, it is included under the category it best fits, so as to not double-count events.

The list purposefully does not include cases of increased security for religious institutions or schools, doxxing, verbal altercations, peaceful counter-protests, peaceful demonstrations more largely, or general online harassment that may be related to similar issues and have equally chilling effects.

Multiple organizations are reporting that Jews, Israelis, Muslims, and Palestinians are feeling less safe attending school or are changing their regular behavior in their community; this list does not cover those reports at this time:

  • The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has noted a spike in threats and hate against the Muslim community; and
  • ​​The Center on Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has tracked a rise in antisemitic incidents (including vandalism, harassment, or assaults).

Publicly reported events clearly indicate overall heightened tensions and a spike in related incidents within communities, while specific groups (e.g., GDL) are engaged in similar types of activities as of before October 7. Given the ongoing conflict and US political/policy response, risk and violent events in the US are expected to continue at similar rates at minimum, with similar actors involved.

*This list is a live document and is not comprehensive, relying on news media and an initial list of events from other monitors. Incidents reported solely to groups like CAIR, ADL, FBI, or other monitoring groups, and not reported publicly, are not included here. To note any omissions or to partner on real-time data/analysis, please email [email protected]*