Providing Briefing, Advisory, and Design Assistance

Access the tools and insights to develop participatory policy solutions.

BDI provides briefings, technical assistance, and advisory support to decision-makers around the country, treating our team’s knowledge and expertise as a public good. Through these engagements, we also seek to uplift community voices that may otherwise be excluded from decision-making spaces. This enables policy responses that are not only more inclusive, but more effective, as they reflect a clearer understanding of on-the-ground risks alongside examples of successful intervention. 

Our experts advise a wide range of stakeholders and regularly convene coordination tables, network briefings, and other forums for policy collaboration and dialogue, ensuring that information on political violence informs decision-making and is understood within the broader context.

Public Briefings

Request Custom Briefing + Advisory Support

To advance participatory and inclusive solutions, we offer a wide range of private briefings and tailored services to trusted partners and decision-makers that are customizable to fit the needs of different policy challenges. If your situation requires forms of advisory support beyond those outlined here, please get in touch to see how we can help.

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