Delivering Action-Oriented Research

BDI produces innovative data and analysis on political violence to enable trend monitoring, early warning, and response.

Data-driven research is at the heart of our work. BDI seeks to fill gaps in information about political violence in the United States and translate these insights into timely, accessible, and actionable resources that empower people working to mitigate risk. Learn more about our core research projects and explore our latest data and analysis.

Key Projects

Building and Modeling Structures for Early Warning

Learn more about our real-time system for identifying emerging threats and providing situational awareness for community response.

Geographies of Risk and Resilience

Explore our project mapping risk and the sectors working to mitigate it throughout the country.

Understanding Threats and Harassment Against Local Officials

Get data and analysis from our first-of-its-kind research project tracking levels of hostility faced by local officials around the country.

Political Violence Data and Analysis Library

Access a curated repository of data and analysis from BDI and the broader research ecosystem. 

Let’s Work Together

We partner with the media, public officials, community groups, and other mission-aligned organizations at the national, state, and local level. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to track and mitigate violence.