Building and Modeling Structures for Early Warning

Learn more about our real-time system for identifying the signs of violence and providing situational awareness for community response.

Functional early warning systems rely on shared information and rapid distribution within and between key sectors of the response ecosystem. BDI’s core monitoring and analysis work, delivered reliably through our verified distribution network, has proven to be an essential part of the U.S. early warning infrastructure. Our strategic use of regular reporting, timely issue briefs, and custom memos – drawing on data and collaboration with over a dozen monitoring partners – provides reliable, trusted, and actionable information to help the entire early warning ecosystem get ahead of and respond to risk. 

National and State-Level Situation Reports (SitReps)

Local monitoring is essential for identifying early warning signs. BDI produces regular reporting on key risk trends at the national and state level, disseminated to a vetted list of community leaders and organizations. 

In addition to our structures for early warning, the BDI State Leads provide dedicated anticipatory monitoring and situational awareness support for early action and response. Learn more >

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Facilitating Early Action and Response

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Concierge Support to State-Level Violence Mitigation

The BDI State Lead team provides specialized, real-time monitoring and concierge support for the mitigation ecosystem in high-risk states.

Elevating De-Escalation and Community Safety Approaches

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Watch for Expanded Coverage

In the coming months, BDI will launch additional data collection and reporting efforts to support early warning systems nationally and in key states.

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